I am a collage artist living in London since 2001, originally from Spain. I have been making collages for many years, rather a necessity more than a choice.

By nature and nurture a hoarder, I use mainly old and new magazines and books, also found objects such as old photographs, wall paper, animal bones, fabrics, old keys, mosaic tiles, etc. My collages are all analog/hand made; never computer, photocopies or scans as I like the limitation provided by just working with found materials.


I am interested in creating new challenging narratives, which in many occasions escape me and are in the eye of the beholder, thus aiming to create endless interpretations. However after many years of making collages there are some obvious intertwined themes that could be summarised as looking at the human condition through a surrealist and oneiric filter.


Perhaps all the above could be just the result of a frustrated, unskilled painter.