In conversation with… Tom Amoretti

February 21, 2019

We’re all about storytelling, is storytelling part of your work?

I see my collages as a medium to tell a story (unconscious one for most of the time), or rather a glimpse of an ongoing story; already started before you were there and that it will continue after you left. However it is not a straightforward story but a distorted one. There is always a sense of improvable composition. By juxtaposition of images you create new narratives, which escape you thus becoming an endless fluctuation of narratives: a static becoming.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from trying to channel processed and unprocessed thoughts through images, stolen images, as a collage artist is a thief; he or she steals images already taken by others and uses them with a different purpose.

My work is that of a funnel or filter; filtering hundreds and hundreds of images until some of them just ‘click’. I see my self as a mediator rather than a creator, I believe images (which represent ideas) that end up in one collage, find their way there by themselves and I just help in the process, sort to speak.

What makes a great collage, and have your opinions changed since you first started?

I find it difficult to define what makes a collage to be a great one. I would argue that the variables and possibilities are almost infinite and I have seen amazing work so varied in their approach: using just few images, using hundreds of them, mixed media, abstract or figurative. I believe that at the end there is a certain ‘something’ which tends to be ineffable and that makes a collage to be an astounding piece: the one that triggers questions without answers.

When I first started making collages it was purely out of necessity. My next-to-zero painting skills are probably what made me a collage maker. After 20 years of cutting and pasting I would say that yes, my opinions have changed, I guess now I am more skilled in the technical side of things. However my love for strangeness and uniqueness of collages that challenge the viewer haven’t change.

What would you like to see more of in the creative industries?

I am probably not the right person to answer this question due to my lack of knowledge of the ‘creative industries’. Nevertheless, I believe collage is a very powerful tool to create narratives that could be used more in the creative industry.

Got any winning tips for upcoming artists you wish someone had told you?

Not really, I guess just stick to what your guts tell you, don’t let anyone tell you what you should be doing, and don’t forget to enjoy in the process. Hard work and constancy. Persistence is all!

And last of all, what’s next?

I am really excited and honoured that two of my collages will be showcased next to great collage artists at the 2nd Edition of the International Collage Exhibition, organized by Retroavangarda Gallery, to be held in Warsaw in April until June this year.

Otherwise, I will continue doing what I do best, cutting pasting cutting pasting ; )

Thank you very much guys for your support and interest!